Bare Season

We are now well into spring, at the time of this writing.

The last part of May.

Certain people - here and there - are cautiously or non-chalantly appearing in general PUBLIC view mis-dressed with:

LOOSE long hair (longer than mouth-level) mopheadedness
NAKED-arms-exposing sleeveslessness
NUDE-legs-exposing slackslessness (with shorts)
BARE-toes-exposing sockslessness (in sandals or equivalent open-toe shoes)

WHY are they doing this? "Why not do it?" the warped might query.

By doing such, they are - in effect - insulting and condemning all those still modesty dressed from winter, with:

(1) NON-loose long hair tied up in a chignon, shawl, or twisted in a singular back-of-head ponytail
(2) LONG-sleeved shirt, blouse, robe, or dress with NO bare shoulders, back, midriff, nor navel visible
(3) FULL-length slacks or NON-slitted dress or skirt, not shortened to any length
(4) OPAQUE socks under tennis shoes, or boots

The insanely, arrogantly, and rebelliously misdressed are thus giving the decent the equivalent of their intimidating and rudely impolite 3rd finger, as if to blatantly shout: "You are not dressed IN-decently enough....and therefore are inadequate, inferior, backward, dumb, dense, disgustingly prudish, not in with the latest revealing, racy, and sexy fashions and styles for warm weather this time of year"! You won't be in our company as you wither away as a roasted albino! Your boss might even think you're weird!

But WHO - in fact - are the dumb, stupid, backwards, careless, visually-assaultive, terroristically-dangerous, perverted, and obscene ones causing needless lurid and lewd public nuisance, therefore guilty of disturbing the peace and DISORDERLY CONDUCT against the innocent and pure-minded, which senselessly-immodest criminal offenders much deserve retributional Taliban-type/Dress-Police law-enforcement-directed complaints about, arrest, citations, fines, jail, etc?

We Christians immensely enjoy the influx of fundamentalist moslem women into our American communities and neighborhoods who consistently and thankfully are religiously shawled and robed, providing a refreshing relief reminiscent of the way puritan and pioneer ancestors in early American history were a delight to public eyes, faithfully educated in the non-suppressed public-education totality of the Sacred-66 Christian Bible promoting such decency in PUBLIC view!

WHY do perverts and pervertesses (who do not even deserve a highway-safety-threatening second look when peripherally spotted momentarily at a distance) appear misdressed in immodest attire when warm weather comes?

Cannot they tan all over in private, whether in a tanning salon or fenced backyard or in a nudist colony? WHY do they selfishly and indifferently show us how much or how little they have or have not tanned? Have we asked to see that? Do we really want to see that? Do our trusting and worthy spouses not deserving to be defrauded or competed against want us to see that? If we saw it, fixated and gazed at it, and either got aroused or turned off by such exposure, what could we do about it with them? Would we want to do anything about it with them? Would they want us to do anything about it with them in terms of immorality or adultery?

WILL they - in fact - actually die of heatstroke by modestly wearing chignons, long light-colored cotton or linen or silk sleeves, slacks, and socks under sandals or slippers or tennis the shade and air-conditioning?

Will THEY also sweat wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts, and socklessness getting their toes dirty in muggy weather? Will they not also have to shower or bathe and wash their stinky clothes in muggy warm weather as much as those who wear light-colored light-material MODEST clothing?

WHY do they seduce and entice people to non-needed, non-necessary, non-wanted, non-solicited, sexual arousal by exposing themselves indiscriminately with mopheadedness, sleeveslessness, slackslessness, and sockslessness? Do others explicitly request such lasciviously-sensuous sexually-harassing stimulation....beckoning them to defraud and cheat on their spouses? WHY incite young and older males to trying to complete aroused erotic enticement with exploits into worsening degrees of pornography, nude-bar stripperesses, and consequential masseuse and escort fornication and adultery? Do employers want inefficient employees preoccupied with immodesty-caused impatient irritation, immodesty-striken guilt, regret, and eventual venereal diseases?

Divinely-inspired Second Samuel chapter 11 and beyond in the Bible's Old Testament records the sordid consequences of Bathsheba's deliberate or careless but certainly inordinate nude-bathing indecency in the plain rooftop sight of King David, while the RSV Bible's Song of Solomon insists that no female "stir up nor awaken love before it please" (see SS 2:7, 3:5, 8:4) by imposing eyesight contact without adequate clothing on (SS 5:3) thus legally wounded by the watchmen (SS 5:7) as one of "the little foxes that spoil the vineyards" (SS 2:15)

WHY unreasonably and pseudo-prudishly single out and demand that only the innocent and pure who have been surprise-attacked by suddenly-appearing, non-solicited, somewhat-immodest, in-person, sexual sights be the ones to turn away from continuing to stare at what disliked enticing seduction has inappropriately been thrust into their faces? WHOSE responsibility is it to not impose themselves as a live-person porn-equivalent-lookalike stumbling block in the way of a public brother (Romans 14:21) in a store, along a road, in church, at a beach, wherever and whenever he freely roams...especially when the REASONABLE requirement is for girls and women to be dressed modestly and decently in every public place (First Timothy 2:8-15)?

Remember, no one must PRESUME (not assume) that guys as a whole want nor expect such terroristic harassment of partial immodesty during warm days, but who instead consider such irritating surprise-attack confrontations forced upon them obnoxious and retaliation-deserving.

What does the Bible state about year-round modesty.....not dependent upon seasonal weather, types of athletic activities, greedy-for-filthy-lucre TV and newsprint and magazine and billboard advertisers, the doctrines-of-demons whims of demented and satanic false-religion compromisers reeking with irrationalizations of every concocted excuse?

First Timothy 2:8-9 (which is God's Word to us thru human-author Saint Paul) tells all women to be dressed MODESTY with DECENT apparel in every [public] place.

We discover what "modesty" is elsewhere in the Bible, like RSV's and NASV's:

a. Numbers 5:18, Song 7:5, I Cor. 11:14-16 relating to proper HAIRSTYLE
b. II Samuel 13:18 relating to proper ARMWEAR
c. Isaiah 47:1-4 relating to proper LEGWEAR
d. Jeremiah 2:25 relating to proper FOOTWEAR

There is NO reason for people to begin to be dressed IMMODESTLY when warm spring and summer and autumn weather comes. Indeed, there is every reason against being [mis-]dressed somewhat indecently. Carelessness and ignorance are no excuses, nor are they excuses for going thru red stoplights at busy intersections.

The Law is summed up by the admonition to selflessly LOVE one another in a respectable sense (Gr. agape) with honorable brotherly affection (Gr. philios) enabling proper time-and-place-and-circumstance erotic love (Gr. eros) to be freely given and enjoyed without pornographic impediment nor defiling pollution from previously-harmful live-person-imposed partial-indecencies street porn.

WHY disable and handicap others for the sake of indifferently or belligerantly-forced, senseless, useless, needless, cruel and inhumane semi-immodesty during warm weather....for WHATEVER holier-than-thou cause? WHY slowly destroy and incapacitate others for self-centered and selfish "I'm-the-only-person-in-the-world-that-matters" egocentricity foolishly based upon non-substantial stuck-in-a-seasonal-fashion-styles-rut habits, prejudices, misinformation and bigotry, twisted preconceptions, jealous body-parts-flauting competitiveness, fearing erotically-demonic people instead of fearing and obeying God and His holy Scriptural directives and doctrinal will, enslaved to devilish conformity and accursed hell-bent, very-uncool worldly-mindedness?

The LORD is keeping a record of all those who consistently, somewhat consistently, and occasionally misdress immodestly and somewhat immodestly in whatever way or ways for whatever cause or causes year-round. He is recording the license plates of their vehicles, observing their addressed house and apartment numbers and geographic locations, monitoring their cellphone numbers and conversations, and noting their credit/debit-card transactions. He is also always video-taping everything everyone does, and is maintaining The Book of Life for His saints who reverently obey Him regarding consistent Biblical modesty as Scripture defines it. He will - providentially and circumstantially and coincidentally - continue to requite all offenders, impartially and irrevocably.

Pics of mangled aborted humans are horrifying, and pics of homos in lust are disgusting and sickening. Thus, they are easy to talk against as controversial hot-topic social issues. But pics of warm-days-immodest female humans are diabolically enticing and attractive, which makes them so devastatingly insidious and damnably antisocial. Must the righteous show the immodest pics of "how dirty their faces are in a mirror" so to speak, and thus turn them over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh? WILL this "word to the wise" be sufficient?