Change the Name

In the Bible, in the New-Testament book of Revelation, we read about something that is to come which we could call: names of blasphemy. Blasphemous names.

We already have a plethoria of them existing in society. The satanically-imaginary counterpart to our Creator (Almighty GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, other Old/New-Testament patriarchs, and personified in GodMan Jesus Christ) - is blasphemously MIS-called "God" by demonic islamic moslems and even american secular media.

Added to that, some questionable character in history with the name of Mohammed is blasphemously MIS-called "The Prophet" and the satanic-verses "Qu'ran" is blasphemously MIS-called "The HOLY Book" by the blasphemous name-callers previously mentioned.

There's more.

Lewd, licentuous, lust-inciting porn is blasphemously mis-called art, abortion-homicide is blasphemously mis-called choice and reproductive freedom, non-scientific anti-Biblical evolutionist mythology is blasphemously mis-called science, zealous Christians are blasphemously mis-called bigoted, biased, intolerant, hateful, nutcases, wacko, oppressive, cruel, tyrannical, radicals and extremists, and on and on.

The national disgrace of pseudo-legal abortion-HOMICIDE [a.k.a. infanticide will continue to infest and infect the United States of America as long as the many on the broad and easy road to destruction continue to call the pro-abortion entity who call themselves 'Planned Parenthood' continue to call that entity 'Planned Parenthood.' [Even the Devil himself should not be given the name 'Angel of Light' as a stand-alone name!]

That entity they mis-call Planned Parenthood is a blasphemous mis-representation of the words of that name.

First of all, no parent nor wannabe parent nor any human nor any group of human can EVER plan the phenomena of conception, pregnancy, and parenthood. THAT is GOD's call. HIS choice. Humans, of course, participate or cooperate in the phenomena happening, but it is obviously GOD's choice as to whether or not such actually happens.

So in that sense, 'Planned Parenthood' can NOT - in reality - ever plan parenthood.

Second, it is not and never has been the intent of 'Planned Parenthood' to plan parenthood whatsoever. With their baby-preventing baby-murder agenda and mechanisms of so-called 'birth' control (actually in fact properly stated as: pregnancy prevention!), spermicide and condoms promotion and distribution, and particularly abortion-HOMICIDE. . . . encouraging parenthood is clearly NOT what their goal is.

It is instead: Planned Parent-lessness -- contrary to the plain understanding of First Timothy 2:8-15 and First Timothy 5:14 of the King James Version of the New Testament of The HOLY BIBLE.

And because of their overly-graphic 'sex' education propaganda and brainwashing against (not of) public-school students, their ANTI-parenthood, NON-parenthood, ANYTHING-BUT-parenthood spermicides and condoms and abortion-homicide choice becomes: Planned Promiscuity.

It is not in the best interests of any governmental authority - be that federal, state, or local - to fund 'Planned Parenthood' [so-called] with the public tax dollars of true-evangelical genuine and authentic Christian-citizen taxpayers. Evil-minded wicked might (and probably will) keep on funding them, but to require Christians to do so is against both the Constitution and the will of their Creator who endows them with inalienable rights. Exemptions and discounts for the saints must and are to be given. Promptly.