Come and Get It

The formidable frigidity of past winter(s) have been VERY advantageous in at least ONE sense (which subzero scenario never was God's fault, but instead our own fault for either not having enough knowledge and power by now to control harsh temperatures of nature, or imprisoning ourselves in weather conditions we were never meant to cause ourselves to suffer in).

So HOW has the freezing cold been thankfully rejuvenating, refreshing, and welcomed?

It has [more or less] caused almost everyone.....especially female humans.....(except annually-deviant and demented dip-into-icy-water despicably-publicized weirdos of both genders) to cover their BARE-NAKED arms, legs, and feet with warm coats, slacks, and either tennis shoes or boots.

Such weather-sourced temporary and rather complete modesty (except for mopheaded, loose-long-haired hairstyles of indecent women and girls) was delightful relief and blessing.....although benignly making it hard to differentiate between immoral-majority wicked who are grudgingly forced to be dressed decently because of frostbite danger - in contrast to RIGHT!-and-neither-wrong-nor-left righteous who obediently and willingly are dressed decently not only to avoid frostbite but for the sake of holy accomodation and reverent compliance to Scriptural modesty directives. [And remember, the "religious right" are indeed [correctly] RIGHT [politically and otherwise], because [as Solomon's proverb states]: 'A wise man's heart inclines him to the right, but a fool's heart to the left.' So much for driving on the left side of the road on two-way roads.

The coming of late spring and early summer, however, reveals "the true colors" of people, and "separates the men from the boys."

There are some naturist idolaters who even presume that the gods of summer won't be pleased unless they - the cultically superstitious - spring into sleevelessness, slackslessness, and sockslessness at the first hint of equinoxial warmth. Perhaps those irrationals should also attempt to change the color of distant stoplights by flashing their headlights or honking at them, photo-flash the dark pre-dawn sky to cause the sun to rise, or moon the ocean to incite the tide to come in?

Immodest people strip down to sleeveslessness, slackslessness, and sockslessness for many doctrine-of-demons excuses (e.g. "to get a tan," "to cool off and not get overheated" as they dart in and out of air-conditioned cars and offices and shops amidst lush shade trees, "because it the [satanic pervert] style and fashion for this season of the year to [mis-]dress this way," etc. ad nauseum).

However, in spite of all such inane and senseless irrationalizations, the fact of the matter is that they are immodestly and indecently exposing what St Paul would term "non-presentable parts" as defined by RSV's and NASV's Second Samuel 13:18 regarding long-sleeved full-length garments, KJV's and NASV's Proverbs 5:19 and Song 7:1-5 regarding breast cover, Isaiah 3:17 regarding crotch cover, Isaiah 20:4 regarding butt cover, Isaiah 47:1-4 regarding legs cover, Jeremiah 2:25 regarding feet cover, and First Timothy 2:8-9 informing all that women in every public place should be dressed modestly in decent apparel!

What is the motivation why so many magazine-and-TV-brainwashed worldly but even so-called "christian" women (contrary to islamic/moslem fundamentalists, old-order catholic nuns, amish and more) so flagrantly, ignorantly, carelessly, unthinkingly, somewhat deliberately, and even arrogantly in Bible-disregarding/Bible-despising rebellious defiance....lewdly and inconsiderately and irresponsibly expose themselves?

What is the effect of such non-wanted non-asked-for immodest sexual harassment on particularly male humans in society at large?

The effect is confusion and consternation for starters, finishing eventually in various forms and degrees of covert or overt resort to various types and severities of pornography (of gals who lasciviously and licentuously give the totally-nude 'satisfaction' which partial-immodesty prudes have sadistically withheld against their hapless victims), self-sodomizing masturbational abuse, incessant solitation by aroused males with relentless overpowering drive to seduce female friends or coworkers or relatives with various types and degrees of urgent date rape, either paid or nonpaid nonadmitted or admitted massage or escort prostitution, nonnaturally-queer same-gender heterosexual-marriage-partner-depriving homosexuality, and worse.

WHAT is the POINT of misdressed females [in here-declared, realistically-admitted, honestly-acknowledged, truthfully-declared, understandably-judgmental accusation] sensuously tantalizing men they are not married to, nor want to be married to? WHY do they CAUSE [and thus ARE TO BLAME for] committing (and not "performing") such disruptive public nuisance and disorderly misconduct? It is not only crazy and insane, but deviously and diabolically of the Devil!

The immodesty and indecency of wearing a sleeveless blouse, shorts of any cutoff length, toes-and/or-ankles-flaunting sandals or clogs without socks and so forth is not to be taken lightly, because beyond the [let's-be-completely-honest-now] consequential sodomy and fornication and adultery such bare-body-parts-exhibiting terrorism incites, even more serious consequences frequently result, including venereal diseases, nonwanted pregnancies, mentally-destructive and debilitating guilt and bitter remorse, psychotic paranoia, abortion homicide, anti-health contraceptive sterilizations, breast and uterine and ovarian and other cancers, strokes, heart attacks, and many hideous handicapping altered-gene malfunctions, abnormalities, and aberrations. Assembly and production-line mistakes, omissions, errors, oversights, and miscalculations relating to such are no joke, and the sometimes aggressively-retaliatory catastrophic anti-social genocidal repercussions can be far-reaching, shocking, and phenomenally devastating.