The Christian Computerarium is designed to provide outlets of free-of-charge computer terminals
and full (non-censored and non-filterered) public internet access
for those who at the entrace to the facility
present their Driver's License and are carrying a KJV or RSV Holy Bible.

Usual hours of operation are:

Monday thru Saturday 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.
Sunday 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Use of .exe and .com files is allow on resident Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows 98SE computers.

NO on-screen signup and NO on-sceen passcode-logon required on computers.

There is a two-hour time limit for computer users.

All computer screens face corners or are barracaded for privacy.

The following restrictions do apply.

Management of The Christian Computerarium reserves the right to forcibly (if necessary) discriminate
according to the following criteria:

NO underage-intercourse porn.
NO homosexual porn.
NO bestiality porn.
NO polygamous (multiple-males) porn.
NO interracial porn.
NO rape porn.

NO [pre-teen] children ever allowed in computerarium.
NO pets [including handicap-assist ones] ever allowed in computerarium.
NO cellphone conversations allowed within computerarium.
NO perfumes allowed within computerarium.
NO smoking allowed within computerarium.
NO live-ammunition firearms allowed within computerarium.
NO vulgarity uttered inside computerarium.
NO non-whisper talking, humming, singing, or shrieking in computerarium.
NO loud headphone noise allowed within computerarium.

No [non-chignoned or non-ponytailed]
mopheadedness, sleeveslessness, slackslessness, nor soxlessness,
pertaining to the Christian Computerarium Dress Code,
is allowed by any computer user or visitor
inside Christian Computerarium.

Donations are accepted, but no receipts will be given.