Contractual Common-Law-Marriage
Concubine Inception and Acceptance Certificate

On this calendar date of [ day month year ],
and of my own free will and desire,

[ First Name Last Name ]

declare myself in contractual common-law marriage with and permanent concubine of:

[ First Name Last Name ]

As concubine of the man named above, I give him nonrestricted permission
to uncover any and/or all parts of my bodily nakedness
and to touch and/or massage any and/or all parts
of my clothed, partially-clothed or completely-naked body
including (but not limited to) my breast(s), nipple(s) thereof,
hip(s), buttock(s), anus, rectum, pubic hair, vulva, and vagina.

My signature is affixed below, and my stated husband's underneath that,
as affirmation of this contractual instrument
as of the previously-stated calendar date:

[ Signature of Concubine ]: _________________________________________

[ Signature of Concubine's Spouse ]: ________________________________________