NON-State-Registered, NON-Same-Gender, NON-State-Marriage-Licensed



Pre-Sex-Exchange-Massage Analysis, Selection, and Acceptance Forms

A Project of the Christian Common-Law-Concubines Application and Assignment Consultant

BibQuiz Form

DateExam Form

Concubine-Marriage Certification Form

Rather than resorting to defiling and immoral means of committing self-sodomy, fornication, or adultery
with various massage and escort prostitution services (or even sexual-assault molestation or rape), this entity can function as a useful
mechanism for facilitating consensual-adult and quasi-cohabitational opposite-gender communication for purposes of romantic dating and
non-State-registered common-law-similar permanent marriage, and the two questionnaires offered above are e-mailed to anyone in cyberspace
as a general public-service announcement, not specifically intended for any particular person for any particular cause.

Such is available for single and already-married, non-divorced, Christian men of 20-or-older adult age, and for only never-been-married
Christian single women 20-to-40 years of age who are relatively healthy, employed or adequately independent financially, reside in their
own residence, desire pregnancy and childbirth, are 5 feet 10 inches or less in height, weigh less than 140 pounds, plus always attired
(whenever in general public view) with long hair tied into a back-of-head ponytail or tied into an up-do, with long sleeves, with long
(non-shortened) slacks or long (non-slitted) skirt, and socks.

There is no cost, charge, nor fee for participating with this mate-selection-and-acquisition entity, although generous cash-only
contributions or gifts are accepted by the Administrator - if marriage utilizing this entity actually begins for any applicant, and the
process and procedure for participation is simple, straight-forward, and both socially and reputationally safe.

The BibQuiz and DateExam forms can be printed out, then as many questions as the applicant feels necessary and appropriate can honestly
and truthfully be filled in, self-scanned, and the .jpg file of that can be e-mailed (along with self-scanned recent full-length photo of
themself) as e-mailed attachments to either the Administrator for analysis and matching, or directly to opposite-gender possibilities
resulting in within-one-week notification of desire for further interaction, or instead silent and convenient rejection.

As mentioned, .jpg scans of the aforementioned filled-out questionnaires and .jpg scan of the recent full-length photo can be e-mailed
to the Administrator who should, within one week, analyze and match one-for-one choices based upon geographical proximity, ethnicity or race,
denominational and doctrinal compatibility, plus any requested preference parameters requested by each applicant as to particulars wanted
for a potential spouse.

Analysis for each potential couple should be completed and e-mailed to each applicant within one week, and applicants are then required to
notify the Administrator or the prospective partner directly if continued communication has occurred or is desired.